Tuesday, July 19, 2011


Well looks like I took too long of a break from blogging again, sorry guys. But I am still busy what with work, other work, and being sick. Though I do have time to go see friends, sometimes...

On to my little angel Chica... Well, she escaped from the back yard of my friends house, and got hit by a car, although luckily it only degloved her poor tail. Now she is doing fine for the most part, still skittish about going near the street. Otherwise she is doing quite well, okay not great, just need to get her to stop chewing on her stitches. ^^

See you!^^

Sunday, February 27, 2011


I've been away for a while, as you might have noticed.

I've been quite busy, and sick for about a week now. So I stayed at my parents house the last few days so I could get back up to my usually healthy self!!

Anyway I had a great time, but now I'm back at home and tomorrow I'm going back to work.

I'm sorry I didn't tell you earlier that I was going away - unfortunately it just turned out that way.

I'll try to make a proper post tomorrow because I have to go do school work, then off to bed.
Buh-Bye now!*

Friday, January 28, 2011

Depressed Kat ala Kansas

Today has just been a really long day, full of too many tiny upsets that all added up to a depressed Kat. It all started out with a really crappy school assignment but that was usual and not too horrible in its own right. Then, I couldn't get my phone to charge at all, nothing helped, not even the charging pad. I got into a fight with my mom, school made my mind explode, and I was kicked out of my online world geography class for some reason.

I emailed my professor about why I was kicked out without notice, and have been waiting patiently for a reply now. Without that class I won't get financial aid. As a bonus I still need an internship, and I need to find a real job ASAP if I have to pay all that tuition. I feel like everything is caving in right now.

So sorry I went on a complain-a-palooza, I know, I know complaining never helps. But the real point of this post was just to say that Ill be uploading some pictures tomorrow from around town, all this crap at once drained the life out of me.

Its hard, but I'm going to try and get everything under control as soon as I can.

Thursday, January 27, 2011

Quote of the Day -- January 27th 2011

“Appearance is a powerful thing. I know sometimes people can’t remember a word you’ve said, but can tell you exactly what you were wearing.”

Ann Richards

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

So Sorry x 12 days

I am so sorry I didn't blog again for nearly 2 weeks, but I have a good excuse . . . Well actually I dont. But still. Life drama really should be blogged out and screamed out and such. But I am kinda feeling like that would be a bad idea to air what im thinking about so many people i know right now. Have enough people hating me.

So Ponchos still sucks, still looking for a new job, sadly im getting better at waitressing haha.

So... you have better luck watching my twitter, its all in the micro blogging :P

Friday, January 14, 2011

Friday the fourteenth :P

So, I finally went to the doctors about my ears hurting. Turns out, unfortunately, I happen to have two major ear infections, Oh, and I lost 15 pounds. (that would be bad lol) The medication they gave me makes me really sensitive to light. So now I am even more of a vampire then usual.

Wow, anyone that nows me knows I happen to be insanely pale due to an irrational fear of skin cancer and maybe my massive amount of sunblock i slather on even in winter. Hey Its bright out when it snows, the snow reflects light, light = sun = sunburn.

So I have a huge internet crush on Gala Darling. Obviously. But she has similar views on a lot of things as me. I just end up eating up every word the woman posts. Now if only I had that talent!

But yes, back to the all important me, hehe. I get to work today, bah, waitressing. I mean its not a BAD job. I just dont think its something I wanna do for very much longer. mainly because well . . . NO one, and i mean NO ONE ever leaves good tips for me, and I really do try :/ Oh well . . .


Now onto . . .
little things that make me smile

Raspberry anything -^0^- Pink glitter leopard-print heart anything -^0^- Making plans to do girly thing -^0^- Concentrated cuddle time with Gomer & Kammy & Chica -^0^- Working from bed -^0^- Running around town looking for a new and better job(practically Impossible) -^0^- Doing really well on my personal challenges! -^0^- Watching cutsiey movies -^0^- Bugging Matt about his comic, and our future comics! -^0^- Sleeping in -^0^- My puppies napping with me ALL DAY! -^0^-

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

ZhiZhi's Giveaway!!!

So Im entering in ZhiZhi's Give away!!, I never win anything so lets cross our fingers!!