Friday, January 14, 2011

Friday the fourteenth :P

So, I finally went to the doctors about my ears hurting. Turns out, unfortunately, I happen to have two major ear infections, Oh, and I lost 15 pounds. (that would be bad lol) The medication they gave me makes me really sensitive to light. So now I am even more of a vampire then usual.

Wow, anyone that nows me knows I happen to be insanely pale due to an irrational fear of skin cancer and maybe my massive amount of sunblock i slather on even in winter. Hey Its bright out when it snows, the snow reflects light, light = sun = sunburn.

So I have a huge internet crush on Gala Darling. Obviously. But she has similar views on a lot of things as me. I just end up eating up every word the woman posts. Now if only I had that talent!

But yes, back to the all important me, hehe. I get to work today, bah, waitressing. I mean its not a BAD job. I just dont think its something I wanna do for very much longer. mainly because well . . . NO one, and i mean NO ONE ever leaves good tips for me, and I really do try :/ Oh well . . .


Now onto . . .
little things that make me smile

Raspberry anything -^0^- Pink glitter leopard-print heart anything -^0^- Making plans to do girly thing -^0^- Concentrated cuddle time with Gomer & Kammy & Chica -^0^- Working from bed -^0^- Running around town looking for a new and better job(practically Impossible) -^0^- Doing really well on my personal challenges! -^0^- Watching cutsiey movies -^0^- Bugging Matt about his comic, and our future comics! -^0^- Sleeping in -^0^- My puppies napping with me ALL DAY! -^0^-

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  1. aw :( sorry to hear about your ear :( Hope it heals up soon! Get well soon Katrina! <3